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Supplementation for Soccer Training

Supplementation for Soccer Training
Travanj 14, 2016 bossnian

Old School Nutrition

When I first played senior soccer I was 15, sports supplements for soccer consisted of water before the game, water and oranges or tea and sandwiches at half-time, and a feed of beer afterwards.  It remained the same as I moved up the ranks until I was 17 and fell in with a bad crowd.  It was 1991, 1st year University and I’d returned to boxing.  Taking part in a training camp I was introduced new ideas of how to take care of myself and improve my performance using foods and vitamins.  Sports supplements had moved to a whole new level in soccer.

Journey to the other side

As time passed and I moved into the coaching and management side, I studied diets and sport supplements use in different countries and spoke with experts who all came back to the same point.  Keep it simple and balanced.  With the wide range of sports supplements and advice available it is increasingly confusing, especially when the slightest improvement means the difference between a loss and draw, draw and win, success or failure.  It was from this 27 year experience of sport supplements and education that we sat down to look at what could be done for our partners.

Clean and Healthy

What do you really need?  As a player you need confidence that what you take is a) clean and b) effective.  Many of the leading brands guarantee a or b but only a minority both.  For athletes you know that when your supplement has been produced in an Informed registered facility that you are not taking something that will destroy your health and career.  You know it is clean and designed to improve your performance without putting your health or career at risk.

Honest Reviews

Yet effectiveness can always be called into question, so knowing that there are real athlete testimonials, not “sponsored athletes” or paid for infomercials are telling you what the producer has paid for you to hear, means you have balance between clean and effective supplements guaranteed.  Balanced, effective and clean supplements are expensive to produce, especially under the auspices of Informed, though as the old saying goes – “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things”.  You pay more, in health, financial and performance terms, by initially saving a few cents.

Soccer Stack

The BOSSNA™ Soccer Stack is the ultimate one stop sports supplement pack:
Pre-Workout Formula – Designed with high-performance athletes in mind, this gives more power in a small, tasty portion.  20-30 minutes before a training session or a game and you will find yourself with the energy to push through the barrier to the next level.  Double-scoop the odd time when mid-season fatigue builds so that you rediscover your early season verve.

Intra-Workout Formula
– During training or at half-time of a game, this will nurture your body to keep your performance level high.  This extra edge will allow you to perform faster, for longer and free from sugar crash.  The perfect balance of electrolytes and co-enzymes to boost endurance, protein to maintain and build muscle, this gets you to the end and beyond of every challenge.
100% Whey Protein – In 3 delicious flavours this protein-filled drink takes the work out of post-workouts.  2 a day and you have enough protein for even the toughest schedule.  With the highest quality protein on the market this maintains your gains.  It allows you to balance your efforts in the gym or on the pitch safe in the knowledge that you will reduce your risk of injury.

Clean, effective, balanced and simply the best on the market.  It’s a long way from water, oranges and beer, though the

soccer stack keep the fun in football.  We make staying healthy fun so you play better!

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